ROOM 1218

This year, Lemay Audio presents its Dayton Wright Electrostatic Speaker Hommage 9.3 and a system even more musical than last year!

Hommage 7.3, 9.3, 9.4 and 10.5 

We introduced the first Hommage speaker in 2022 with great success. n 2023, a smaller 7.3 version with a less intimidating design and budget earned much praise and several Best Sound of the Show awards. For 2024, the Hommage family loses the 2022 Hommage and gains 3 new models, including the 9.3 presented for the first time.

Like the other 3 Hommage models, the 9.3 uses the famous electrostatic cells and the Dayton Wright transformer. A single cell acts as a true Point Source, and the others create the Audio Focus at 3, 4, or 5 meters, depending on the speaker’s curve. A Mundorf super tweeter completes the spectrum. ($68 000)

Tenor Audio 175S 20th Anniversary Stereo Amplifier

With 750 watts per channel at 2 ohms, the Tenor controls the Hommage with ease. The Hommage’s extreme speed allows the Tenor to express itself like never before. ($150,000)


First presentation in America. The MU2 cleverly combines a streamer/Roon/upsampler/converter/preamplifier. Grimm’s sophisticated digital signal processing is on the verge of revolutionizing reference standards. Like other reviewers, I am still searching for the right words to describe the almost surreal sound of the MU2. We use local sources or stream via Qobuz, which we prefer. A groundbreaking discovery ($23,500).

Fidelium Interconnect

We are already using the Fidelium speaker cables from Silversmith Audio, which come with the Hommage, and that says it all. Last year, Jeffrey Smith, the brilliant inventor behind Fidelium, teased us with a very promising prototype of an XLR interconnect. The final version is now in production, and the musicality of this cable far exceeds anything we are familiar with. It’s a bold statement, but Fidelium’s approach to reducing Time Smearing by six times compared to silver is audible from the first note. Light and flexible, the Fidelium is available starting at $1250 in XLR or RCA.

Cables and filters

We exclusively use the Inakustik AC-4004 120V power cables ($5,500) and the 4500AC line filters ($6,000).

Optical Switch-Clock

We are complete skeptics baffled because it seems evident that some 0s and 1s are much more musical than others. In short, the digital sources in our symphonic halls are now equipped with switches and a clock. Grimm Audio Master Clock CC2 (1 700 $) and various converters and optical fibers ensure an optimal Ethernet signal this year.


We do not know of a better anti-vibration system, so all our devices are placed on Modulum shelves (about $3,000 per level). The Hommage already have an integrated Modulum base.


The unbeatable pair for the price! Lemay Audio only sells the very exclusive models of reference devices used, regardless of the price, which, of course, can discourage many audiophiles. However, when we discover a product that is truly exceptional for the price, we like to make it known. A $1,300 portable DAC in a system that was close to half a million earned us some skeptical comments in 2022 and 2023, and we’re adding to that. The new IFI Audio NEO iDSD 2 ($1,300) has surpassed the Diablo, and miraculously for the price, you can add a higher quality digital clock. Add a 12V DC power supply from IFI Elite ($500), modified with our own Lemay Audio DC cable ($1,450). Combined with a very efficient entry-level server from Baetis Audio, it will be on passive demonstration and offered at an attractive price for an unbeatable level of musicality. Price disclosed on site.