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Reliving the experience of a real concert at will at home is the ultimate dream of every audiophile. Soloist, group, orchestra, choir, in an intimate hall, an auditorium, or a recording studio, no matter the source, one would like to recreate it identically.

“For years, upon returning from a concert, I check if I can reproduce the experience in my listening room. The fresh memory of the emotion experienced, of voices and unamplified instruments is my only reference. What’s the use of power if finesse has disappeared? How to find the large soundstage without precise and stable spatialization, hyper-definition without softness, beautiful timbres without the right tonality? The most difficult is choosing the best balance among all these forces that allows transmitting the much sought-after emotion.” – Francois Lemay

Lemay Audio is a privileged space to feel what comes closest to this perfection. Here, there is no confrontation between digital and analog since we offer the best of both with equal pleasure. We have two listening rooms, one of which features the famous 350M High Power from Tenor audio. The result of many years of research, Lemay Audio brings together what is technologically and musically closest to a private concert

By Michel Bérard
Son & Image Magazine

“I met François 25 years ago when he emerged on the audio scene by founding Tenor Audio. His audacity to dive into the manufacturing of ultra high-end audio products with cutting-edge technology immediately intrigued me.

I already knew François a bit from seeing him on television. For 15 years, this quality fanatic had the pleasure of comparing the quality of hundreds of consumer products in the laboratory. As the testing director for the prestigious magazine Protégez-vous, he delivered his verdicts with rigor and method. Then, for 11 years, he defended the work of a vital city service of Montreal, urban planning, in the media.

Naturally curious, he always seeks to understand, study, and improve. If he doesn’t find the quality he’s looking for, he creates it. This led him to develop a superb recumbent bike, as comfortable as a couch for the open road but foldable and doubly suspended. He designed it, tested it, redesigned it, retested it, and made it himself… for pleasure.

His encounter with musical emotion occurred at the age of 10 when his handyman father brought Beethoven into the living room after spending hundreds of hours fine-tuning an amplifier, preamplifier, and Heathkit tuner kit. That’s when François understood that the concert experience could be indefinitely reproduced.

The pursuit of this emotion, to be repeated at will, was just beginning. The pursuit of this emotion, to be repeated at will, was just beginning. Constant learning, successes, failures, he never stopped refining his search through concerts. Ultimately unable to find an amplifier that met his expectations, he decided to tackle the problem himself by pushing the limits.

The 25 years of Tenor Audio’s history will be told one day but, although he had to entrust its destiny to others, he remains its best spokesperson in Quebec.

I had the chance to share wonderful listening hours with François in what he calls his private concert hall. I was able to see that the fruit of 50 years of passionate research is now ripe, and I am glad he wants to share it.”

Michel Bérard
Son & Image Magazine