The Inakustik Reference silver speaker cables remain a benchmark, but at what price! Silversmith Audio’s Fidelium cables come close musically, at a price twenty times lower. They are now included with the Dayton Wright Hommage. That says it all. Light, flexible, and delicate, they connect directly without connectors.

New in 2004, the XLR interconnects are finally available. The prototype heard in 2023 at Audiofest 2023 is clearly surpassed by the final version. Our three listening rooms, which I call Private Symphonic Houses, now exclusively use them.

omparing reference interconnects is not always easy. It sometimes takes hours, if not days, to choose the most musical and sometimes the least compromised. The Fidelium is so much in a class of its own that I was shocked because in 30 seconds, I understood that the bar had been raised very high, much to the delight of my clients.

Starting at $1250 (2 feet), they are so musical that I decided to make them easily available with a new online store. Production is still limited, but all efforts are being made to speed up delivery.

For a bit of history, the first show hat Tenor Audio did in 2001 in Las Vegas, I was using the silver speaker cables from Jeffrey Smith, the inventor and owner of Silversmith Audio. This was followed by the famous Palladium cables, the first in the world to use this expensive metal. Interrupted by a military career, Jeff resumed his research in 2018 and developed the Fidelium