iFI Audio

Don’t laugh, it’s not a joke! A very surprising discovery. rdered to improve listening on Hifiman XV2 headphones, I simply couldn’t believe what I was hearing. A rather unsettling musicality that made me rediscover new instruments in each track. Intrigued, I connect the Diablo to my reference system and compare it to three very high-level DACs, from seven to twenty thousand dollars. I even submit my friends to totally blind tests, and unanimously, the little Diablo is significantly more musical. You should have seen their reaction when I asked them to follow the wires to discover that the big winner, so small, was hiding under the other DACs. What a pleasure! nd that even before further improving the musicality of the Diablo by adding the Elite 5V and the USB3 IPurifier. $1300 for this little DAC represents only 0.1% of the value of the systems in 2002 and 2003 to demonstrate the Hommage at Audiofest. alk about balance… intriguing.

iFI audio introduced the NEO iDSD2 at the end of 2023. Much easier to integrate into a HIFI system because the connectivity is standard and not for portability like the Diablo Miraculously, it’s even more musical than the Diablo right out of the box. If you add the 12V Elite power supply and the DC cable developed by Lemay Audio, all that’s left is to benefit from a better digital clock. Yes, at this price, it’s the only DAC with a clock input It is under these conditions that the NEO reveals its true musicality, which competes with DACs 10 and even 20 times its price.

It is available at Lemay Audio Shop but only in the NEO KIT Turbo version, that is with the iFI Elite power supply modified by Lemay Audio.

Again, for the little story, the first show… to come.