"I founded this brand in 1998, alongside Michel Vanden Broeck and Robert Lamarre. But that is not why I use it and show it off in demonstrations. Throughout my career, I have been able to directly compare Tenor to a large selection of competitive brands, and I have confirmed its musical superiority.

The line and phono preamplifier, as well as its amplifiers, are quite simply in a class of their own. Just a few minutes of comparative listening are all it takes to be convinced.

Created in the heart of Montreal by detail-obsessed devotees, their reliability is irreproachable and their worldwide distribution is limited in such a way as to make their few elite owners the envy of all other audiophiles."


Tenor Audio is now offering 20th anniversary updates for all its products.  They contain a set of improvements that push the limits of musicality even further.


"When I first met Louis Desjardins, the designer, I still had doubts about the relevance of a counter-rotating turntable for resolving a problem no one even knew about. Convinced that I was making a mistake, Louis graciously took the time to demonstrate the near-hypnotic effect of the second counter-rotating platter. Needless to say, my personal reference of a super massive bodied, linear tonearm and air-cushioned turntable didn’t last more than a few minutes in comparison to Louis’s machine. The power supply, with its revolutionary SCPS 1 capacitor, completely vaporized my natural skepticism.


The Kronos Pro, which has reigned supreme for the past 10 years, has lost its place.  The fabulous Discovery and its brand new Discovery RS arm have just raised the bar even higher. From the rave reviews, it seems that Louis has succeeded in pushing the limits of analog technology.


After my retirement from Tenor Audio in 2009, I was able to devote myself full time to the search for a reference loudspeaker. Having solved the problem of the electronics with Tenor Audio and the source with Kronos, I could no longer doubt these crucial links. For 9 years I have rigorously compared several of the best representatives of the following technologies: electrostatic, ribbons, source line, dynamic and electrodynamic source point, and dynamic multi-voice.


Nothing is perfect, but the most musical dynamic loudspeaker I know of is without question the Kef Blade. It has become my basis of comparison in the development of the Lemay HOMMAGE to Dayton Wright.  Now with Meta technology, the Blade and Blade 2 are the only dynamics that behave like a true source point while having exemplary bandwidth and dynamic envelope.  A different sound from the Tribute, but no need for a subwoofer, no need for a bias circuit and no need for a lot of power because of their high efficiency of 92 dB. By far the best dynamic speaker I recommend.



For a similar listening quality, I prefer an open type of server whose interface will be able to evolve easily in a rapidly changing field.  Bætis uses Windows and any other playback program, streaming or not. The special digital signal processing is exemplary, which can be heard. Some of my customers are sort of slaves to proprietary systems that don't always evolve in the right directions and sometimes lack the desired features. Having to change quickly depreciated devices because digital needs evolve is not in my sales policy.  I always look to maximize a customer's long-term investment.


At the 2022 Audio Show, Bætis introduced the Reference 4 server with even better circuitry.  When I reinstalled my system after the show, I noticed a marked improvement in musicality.  Intrigued, I looked around, but the only difference from before the show was the new Reference 4 ($15,000).  Joe Makkerh told me that the sound would be better, but I didn't even need to do an A-B test to see that.   Bætis Audio now offers much cheaper servers for those who want to take advantage of this expertise in audio only.


The importance of the signal or power connection is too often underestimated.  Most of the products I have tested over the past few years suffered from imbalances and it often took hours of rigorous comparative listening to sort them out.  Almost accidentally listening to an Inakustik entry-level speaker cable (LS-1603) was such a revelation that the other Inakustik cable lines were quickly put to the test.

The Reference series is quite exceptional and creates a perfect balance of musical qualities. These are cables that can be appreciated from the very first seconds of listening.


The Inakustik Reference silver speaker cables remain a reference, but at what price!   The Silversmith Audio Fidelium come close musically, at a price twenty times lower.  They are now included with the Dayton Wright Tribute. That says it all.



Don't laugh, this is not a joke! A very surprising discovery. Ordered to improve the listening to the Hifiman XV2 headphones, I simply did not believe what I was hearing.   A rather destabilizing musicality which made me rediscover new instruments in each track. Intrigued, I plugged the Diablo into my reference system and compared it to three very high end DACs, ranging from seven to twenty thousand dollars. I won't name them, but think of a movie, rock star, or college. I even put my friends through totally blind tests and it's unanimous, the little Diablo is definitely more musical. You should have seen their reaction when I asked them to follow the wires to discover that the big winner if menu was hiding under the other DAC. What fun! And that's even before we improve the musicality of the Diablo by adding the IFI IPower 5V and the IPurifier USB3. While waiting for IFI Audio to offer a model that's just as, if not more, musical, but adapted to the typical system and not to the headphones, we're even making a box to switch from the 4.4 mm to the reference RCA cables we use...



"My skepticism of  Jean-François Michaud’s promises, the designer, would be my undoing. His intuition, later verified by scientific analyses, contributed to improving the sound quality of the best amplifiers, speakers and other gear that I have known. Every other shelving system that I have tested provided imprecise and variable results, depending on the components utilized. However, and surprisingly enough, everything that one installs on a Modulum seems to relax, wonderfully reproducing the music played."


Introduced at Audio 2022, the brand new ARKITEK platforms push the bar of musical performance and all with an absolutely timeless design.


Lemay audio only sells the top of the line products of the manufacturers it represents. These products are used as reference in its listening rooms.

They are sold at the retail price suggested by the manufacturers.

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Tenor Audio is now offering 20th anniversary updates for all its products.  They contain a set of improvements that push the limits of musicality even further.