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Lemay Audio is a one of a kind audio retailer. It offers a very limited range of ultra high-end selected products. These only few products are those that  the owner, François Lemay  personally recommends.

All have been selected after many hours, and sometimes even years, of comparative listening. These products are simply the best there is in terms of musicality and complementarity.

Lemay Audio is a demonstration centre for the Montreal-based Tenor, Kronos and Baetis brands, the products of which are directly sold by their manufacturers.

Lemay Audio also sells products from the Kef , Inakustik and Modulum Audio brands, all of which are renowned for their durability and small likelihood of servicing over long-term usage.

It is through the in-depth knowledge of its customers’ needs that François Lemay was able attain this ultimate musical satisfaction level.

An experienced and skilled balancing act.


After decades of research, worldwide product scouting and  considerable amount of investments, François Lemay, has finally reached what he considers a truly realistic level of music reproduction that rivals any musical performance and live concerts.

This can be experienced in two of his listening rooms he put together.

We invite you to come and hear your favorite artists or orchestras in a comfortable and relaxed setting.

And should you decide, Lemay Audio can make it possible to recreate this unique experience in your own home.





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