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I must say that I know how to surround myself well. With Michel Vanden Broeck a world leader in amplifier and preamplifier design has been reached and now with Michael Wright (virtual) and Jocelyn Jeanson, another authority on the speaker side. My dreams are coming true and I can share them with so much pleasure.


Restaurations et re-engineering

Like Michael Wright, Jocelyn built his first speaker at the age of 15. Since then, the list of his achievements would make any audiophile jealous. He abandoned dynamic speakers 20 years ago to devote himself to Acoustat electrostatics. He repairs, restores and reconfigures extraordinary panels. Some weigh more than 1000 kg per pair. Eight years ago, he restored some Dayton Wright XG-10s for a friend and realized that they were beyond anything he knew. I see the same thing and... it culminates today with the Dayton Wright Hommage. A true craftsman-researcher, he patiently assembles and calibrates each Hommage loudspeaker. What a wonderful collaboration.


Tenor Audio

Michel Vanden Broeck, the brilliant designer of Tenor Audio, takes advantage of a Covid pause to give me a hand. Thanks to his phenomenal knowledge, he allows us to discover the true potential of the Dayton Wright cells.


Modulum Audio


Modulum Audio's anti-vibration platforms are all the rage. They can be found in all Nagra audio salons. Its methods of controlling parasitic vibrations adapted to the Hommage  give surprising results.


Industrial Designer


For Patrice, purifying a form to the maximum is the only way to achieve timeless beauty. Obvious in the Tenor products and now in the Hommage, his perfectionism had impressed me in a former personal project: Levélo

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