The Dayton Wright Hommage Loudspeaker Project


In 1977, I could not have known that listening to a prototype of a 15 watt OTL amplifier would upset me and lead me to found Tenor Audio. The result of a totally new approach developed by Michel Van den Broeck over the years, the amplifiers and preamplifiers are still unrivalled today and available worldwide.


Since my retirement from Tenor Audio in 2009, I have undertaken the search for the ideal loudspeaker. 7000 hours have been spent rigorously comparing the best representatives of all technologies: multichannel, source line, electrostatics, ribbons and conventional or excited broadband. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each is essential, and I concluded that the ideal solution would be to combine the qualities of a large electrostatic panel with those of an unfiltered wideband. The fundamental obstacle was that a large straight multi-cell panel is never temporally aligned. The top cells are always several centimeters apart from the center one in both axes.


I could not have known five years ago that listening to a restored Dayton Wright XG-10 would be as jarring as it was 50 years ago when I first heard it.


But I wanted better. I had to try the marriage. Jocelyn Jeanson, the great specialist in restoration and reengineering of Acoustat electrostatic panels, converted to the much superior Dayton Wright. We patiently developed a 9-cell structure perfectly aligned in time and above all we succeeded in recreating the real point-source effect without tonal imbalance.


What remained was to refine this revolutionary recipe. Michel Vanden Broeck designed an innovative bias power supply that transforms the listening experience from the original one.


The elimination of all sources of parasitic vibrations was completed by the addition of Modulum bases calibrated for this speaker by Jean-François Michaud.


Finally, the industrial designer Patrice Guillemin was responsible for the purification of the shapes and the finishing. A team of professionals working together for a total of 3000 hours.


Because we use the rare cells and original transformers brilliantly developed by Michael Wright and because I discovered the extent of his multiple talents, only one name imposed itself for this limited series of 10 pairs: Hommage.


Michael William Wright


The father of the famous Canadian audio brand Dayton Wright (1970-1985)


Scientific researcher, theorist, prolific inventor, businessman, expert programmer, popularizer, pilot, diver, humorist, painter, novelist and more.


  • Built his first electrostatic speaker and amplifier at age 15
  • Studied electrical engineering at MIT
  • Works with the pioneers of high fidelity who founded Bose, Fried, KLH. Trains two young people who will become the founders of Classé Audio (David Reich) and Krell (Dan Dagostino)
  • Theorizes a holographic model of the human brain
  • Invents a revolutionary electrostatic speaker that at its peak was sold in 50 stores in America and 16 other countries. More than 2,500 units sold despite a very high price
  • Invented several dynamic multi-channel speakers approaching electrostatics (Watson Lab)
  • First transistor voice coil preamplifier
  • Invented 6 preamplifiers with performances never seen before in laboratories
  • Great diver, invented a cold water diving system for the Canadian Navy
  • Invented a muscle electrostimulation system for rehabilitation
  • Invented an electrical contact treatment between two metals, the Stabilant, used today by Airbus, Bell Helicopter and several automobile manufacturers.
  • Develops a measurement framework for loudspeakers based on a new concept: periodicity
  • Flies his little Cessna to Las Vegas for audio shows
  • Studied the music listening process under laboratory conditions
  • Studied the stress of supersonic wings
  • Painted, drew cartoons, and wrote a novel for fun

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