Reliving the true concert experience in one’s home, again and again - that is the true audiophile’s dream. Soloists, bands, orchestras and choruses recorded in small halls, auditoria or recording studios - whatever the source, we want to reproduce it as close as possible as the original.


"For many years, immediately after returning from a concert I have checked to see how close my own listening room can replicate what I just heard. The fresh memories of emotion, voices and unamplified instruments are my only reference. What’s the point of power if finesse is lost? How does one recapture the grand soundstage without its precise and stable spatialization, its hyper defined softness and its beautiful tones ringing out in perfect hues? The hardest part is to strike the best balance between these forces, each of which is a vehicle for those much sought-after emotions."

Francois Lemay


 Lemay Audio is a privileged space where one can feel as close to perfection as possible. Here there are no clashes between digital and analog, for we are greatly pleased to provide the best of both. We have two listening rooms, one of which is equipped with Tenor Audio’s famous High Power 350M.

After many years of research, Lemay Audio has put together a system that is technologically and musically as close as it gets to a private concert.

By Michel Bérard

Son & Image Magazine

"I met François 20 years ago, when he emerged on the scene as the founder of Tenor Audio. His ambitious project of creating ultra-high end audio products at the cutting edge of technology had immediately caught my attention.

I already knew François a bit from having seen him on TV. For 15 years, his quality-obsessed mind had enjoyed the pleasures of comparing the quality of hundreds of consumer products in a laboratory setting. His rigorous and methodical verdicts were the mainstay of his tenure as testing director for the prestigious magazine Protégez-vous. Then, for the following 11 years, he dedicated his efforts to defending throughout the media an essential service of the city of Montreal - urbanism.


A curious soul by nature, François has always sought to understand, to study and to improve. When he can’t find what he’s looking for, he creates it himself. It’s how he decided to develop an amazing sloping bicycle – comfortable as a sofa for long trips, with a double suspension and the convenience of being foldable. He drew it up, tested it, redesigned it and built it himself…all for fun.


At 10 years of age, he first encountered true musical emotion. After hundreds of hours of tweaking a Heathkit amplifier, preamp and tuner, his tinkerer of a father was finally able to invoke the spirit of Beethoven in their living room. It was at this point that François understood the possibilities of infinitely recreating the concert experience.


This was but the beginning of his pursuit of endlessly repeatable emotion. The list of audio equipment he has tested over the past 50 years is endless. Through constant learning, successes and setbacks, François has never ceased to refine his research through the concert experience. Finding that he was incapable of digging up an amplifier to meet his expectations, he decided to get to the root of the problem himself by pushing his limits yet farther.


Tenor Audio’s 20 years of history will be told one day, but despite having entrusted the company’s future to others, François remains its best spokesperson in Québec.


I’ve had the great fortune of sharing hours of wonderful listening alongside François in what he calls his private concert hall. I was lucky enough to witness the results of 50 years of passionate and fruitful research, and I am delighted that he has decided to share it with all of us."


Michel Bérard

Magazine Son & Image



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